Things collected.
Full day working from Homestead w/ @timothyfletcher

Things starting to fire on all cylinders. (at Homestead Coworking)
Just launched Homestead Coworking this month. Very excited to be working in the new space with some really solid folk.
Edmonton. Home of the green and gold. (at Constable Ezio Farone Park)
November 7-9 @bushel_co is launching Tête Jaune: Edmonton’s Industrial Design Show. We’ll be at Iconoclast showing Edmonton made products in support of @drawingroom780. Props to @drwbnsn for the design. (at Iconoclast Koffiehuis)
High Line. (at The High Line)
Prospect Park. (at Prospect Park)
North face. Edith Cavell.
Hall of the Gods. Lac Maligne.
Tonquin Valley.