Things collected.
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Adding supers.
The new DTE extractor.
Saying goodbye to a piece of Grandin. (at Grandin LRT Station)
Horizon. (at Grant Notley Park)
Take me out to the ball game.


$50 makes a big difference.

$10 makes a big difference.

This is clever. A conservation group in New Zealand has a print campaign illustrated with the backgrounds of specific denominations of paper money. To complete the illustration, the reader must place the bill on the page.

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Auckland

Source: Adeevee

(Source: adteachings)



I spent a wonderful week visiting family in Saskatoon and got to meet my lovely niece Vera, who obviously occupied all our attention. 

Loved seeing these.

First supper with greens from #riverbendgardens CSA this season.
Working on the R 75/6.